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Friday, 12 August 2011

Looking peachy!

After finishing two book covers, I had one left to complete... in the shortest amount of time (as I had underestimated the workload and run over my rough schedule on the first two). The last book cover was also the most important, as it was to be incorporated into the Penguin Design Award. Selecting the title to design was easy, when I heard that James and the Giant Peach was an option. Who doesn't love Roald Dahl? And the title was already filling my mind with fantastical imagery, having read the book as a child. I produced many thumbnails of my ideas, here are a couple...

Following the success of my rubber stamps on the Barcelona book cover, I decided to return to this idea of image making. So I selected one of my first ideas, as I thought it would reproduce well using my new found technique, (thumbnail 4) by building up the flock of seagulls.  It is also quite a quick process, once I have carved the rubber stamps, because from then on it's just repetition. However on this occasion once I got stuck into the carving, I was heavy handed and managed to cut my thumb quite deep, on my new scalpel blade. Typical as I'm running out of time! Didn't help the speed of the rest of the project either, cos it wouldn't stop bleeding...
Thankfully maintaining the full use of the thumb on my right hand, I could continue along the same lines (design wise). So the next day I was able to progress and eventually managed to finish my painting. I then scanned it in and added some type that I thought fitted well. It's not my own type, I got it from a free font website and am allowed to post it on here... Hope that you like the final design :)

I was very pleased with it, although tweaks could still be made. I also managed to enter it into the Puffin Design Award, after all the chaos, but I'll post relating to that soon...

Thanks for reading this mammoth post! x

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