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Thursday, 4 August 2011

High Fidelity

With three book covers to design, my second choice was High Fidelity by Nick Hornby (a good read if your interested). A story about love and a love of music and mix-tapes. There is also a film adaptation which has Jack Black in it (who I love), which I also recommend...Getting back to the artwork though, after thumbnailing my ideas, the best turned out to be the most simple! Just using 5 cassettes, to complement the repetition of  'top 5s' throughout the book. Here are a few experiments with music related material, prior to my design idea: 

After enjoying using materials physically to create an image, I decided that I wanted the final outcome to be a form of collage, or collagraph from which I could print. So from this I created my final piece by individually crafting my own cassette tapes. I used the collages as they were colourful and eye-catching on the front cover.  Although I would have liked to have the time to print these and observe the results, as it may have improved my final outcome. Oh well, easy to say with hindsight...(if I plan my time better in the future, this may be less of a problem). Anyway here is the final cover and I am happy with it, but improvements could be made.

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