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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Awesome technology..

Yesterday there was an opportunity to see a new piece of kit by Wacom, over at Plymouth College of Art and Design. So me and a few friends went along, just to have a sneak peek. I wasn't sure what we were in for really, but they had some really cool pieces of technology over there... including the new Inkling (a digital pen) which isn't available quite yet. Once you have clipped the receiver to a page in your sketchbook, the movement of the pen is able to be detected and recorded, this creates a digital copy of your drawing and saves it automatically, so you can transfer it to your computer as a digital file. Check it out on the website here, it's pretty amazing stuff! But I'm into my printmaking right now, so not considering buying one just yet...Definitely worth watching out for though (especially if your into your digital), glad we went and had a preview. 
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Long time... no post!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately... Having returned to Uni for my third and final year (yes, I cannot believe it, has gone way too fast!), I have been busy doing work and enjoying some socialising :) Anyway for our Launch project we were asked to do a variety of tasks, which involved us thinking about our future possible directions. This involved placing our work into a variety of different contexts, to see how our imagery could function in a different setting or for a different audience. Here are a select few (well nearly all..) of mine:

Thankfully I had a lot of good raw material to play around with, from all of the printmaking I did in the last module of second year. As you can see, I used an etching of an old record that I printed and some collagraphs of cassette tapes that I created. It was a valuable exercise and definitely something I would consider repeating in the future, to find other outlets for my illustration. I am pleased with the results and wouldn't mind owning a few of the outcomes, if I may say so myself. Hope you like them too..
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