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Monday, 27 June 2011

Tape art (Original post dated 14/05/11)

Converse and Footlocker produced an advert for their footwear, which caught my attention. The subject of music directly relates to my current project. It is great setting for the advert, taking full advantage of the outdoor space, considering how the artwork could be placed within a three-dimensional context (especially the headphones in the tunnel - great idea!). Simple but effective! Very cool..... :)

Ian Wright - not the footballer (Original post dated: 14/05/11)

I love the work of Ian Wright. His use of materials is ingenious and very wide ranging, including rubber stamps, mascara brushes, hama beads and badges to name but a few. One of my favourite pieces is his Jimi Hendrix portrait, created from Hama beads. I love the colours and composition of the beads, which all add up to create a very cool portrait. As seen on his website here: as well as many other amazing pieces of artwork!

Music to my ears! (Original post dated: 08/05/11)

Christian Marclay is an American artist, he composes art (and music) by using LP records. He is interested in the juxtaposition of sound and art and combines the two to produce some interesting, eyecatching results. As well as using LPs, he has used cassette tapes and record covers to create artwork. He has been influenced by artists of the Fluxus movement including Marcel Duchamp, who manipulated readymade and found objects, turning them into art. I love his cyanotype of tapes seen here, it is similar to the result I want to achieve in the print room.
His Record cover collage's, which can be seen on this link, are very aptly and effectively composed, as well as humorous. His vinyl record installation in the Museum of Modern Art, New York, is awesome and I want this type of "vinyl" flooring (below)!!

Printmaking (Original post dated: 07/05/11)

Last weekend I visited a printmaker Sue Stewart, through a local Arts Week (Somerset). She creates collagraphs in her own little studio, using all sorts of methods and ideas, which she seemed keen to share with me. She even gave a demonstration of her printing technique, which was very interesting. She forms collagraphs using all sorts of materials including tile adhesive, sand mixed into glue, as well as more natural materials such as feathers and plants. By rubbing colour into the surface of the plate, she achieves much more detail and depth in her prints, rolling on a final colour at the end of the inking process. She gave me a lot of advice and tips for printing collagraphs, which I can’t wait to experiment with in the print room! She even gave me a free print and offered me the use of her press if need it, which is very kind of her. Here is the free print I was given ...........

The selective placement of the hand mixed colour on the collagraph plate, accentuates the texture of the embossed paper.

Blog Posts

As I am not keeping very up to date with my blog, I thought that my page might benefit from more posts... So I have decided after the last module, last term, to re-post some of the entries I made to the uni blog, as the blog was very successful (allowing everyone to share research and ideas). Posting my own work, as well as inspirational odds and ends that I find along the way, should be a more beneficial way of using my blog. So here goes...