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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Button Up! (well not really ...)

Sorry I have been neglecting the blog! Sometimes I find it hard to get back into after so long.... It's not like I've completely let go of all things creative though, honest! So, I was bought a really cool present for my Birthday - basically a more grown up and creative version of those crafty kits you used to get when you were younger :P It's called The Button Factory which is pretty misleading if you like buttons...because it is actually a badge-making kit! I love it! As well as providing some samples of patterned material for you to use to make the badges, the instructions offer up other ideas to get your creative juices flowing....So obviously I am beginning to experiment (as that's what I do best :P), which is lots of fun :) Here are my first three badges: hope you like..

The kit was bought by my graphic designer boyfriend (some of his great work can be seen here if your interested!) So many thanks to him for such a great prezzy and hours of entertainment! If you see anyone with a lot of badges on ...then it's either me...or you can guess they got bought a similar present!

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