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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Long time... no post!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately... Having returned to Uni for my third and final year (yes, I cannot believe it, has gone way too fast!), I have been busy doing work and enjoying some socialising :) Anyway for our Launch project we were asked to do a variety of tasks, which involved us thinking about our future possible directions. This involved placing our work into a variety of different contexts, to see how our imagery could function in a different setting or for a different audience. Here are a select few (well nearly all..) of mine:

Thankfully I had a lot of good raw material to play around with, from all of the printmaking I did in the last module of second year. As you can see, I used an etching of an old record that I printed and some collagraphs of cassette tapes that I created. It was a valuable exercise and definitely something I would consider repeating in the future, to find other outlets for my illustration. I am pleased with the results and wouldn't mind owning a few of the outcomes, if I may say so myself. Hope you like them too..
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