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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Self promotion and Creativity (Original post dated 15/05/11)

​Recently after spending most of my time in the print room exploring new ways of producing artwork relating to my last project, I have been thinking about self promotion. I have been trying to find an outlet for my prints and experiments, that could be used in order to gain exposure. After a lot of thought and consideration an idea has begun to develop, but it needs more time. I have been looking for further inspiration in the field and read two interesting articles in Computer Arts. 

The first article is an interview with a London based strategist who works for Mother, an international creative agency. It is interesting because it talks about big ideas and alternative ways of finding inspiration, from which to spark ideas. 
The second article is about Joe Duffy, who has built up a company dealing with brand identity and design. But he talks about needing a combination of illustrative skills and business sensibility to formulate strong concepts, which I think is very true. He makes some good points about the advantages of collaboration also.

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